some more hints on soft bodies (blender SVN 2008/02/17)

Material Memory

Springs get worn on stress. Beeing extended or compressed too much (for now hard coded) springs will alter their rest lenght to the new situations in % per frame.

The movie mm.avi (280k)

The blend material_memory2.blend(233k)

A blend file to study:
    Material Memory
material memory screen shot material memory detail

Goals And Edges

The movie punch2b.avi (260k)

The blend punch2b.blend (220k)

The blend punch2b2.49.blend (220k)

A blend file to study:
    Faking collision impacts on soft body objects with force fields
    Basic 'Goal' behavior
    Compare pure 'Goal' with 'wave propagation along edges'
punch2b (269K)